Here at Rarewear we love to chat, so give us a call.
  • We can chat about your design
  • We can chat about sending you a sample size pack in the mail
  • We can answer any other questions or concerns you may have
Call 1300 797 273 or emails us at
Here at Rarewear we have done all the hard work for you.
  • We have size & nickname ORDER FORMS HERE for you to simply fill out, sign and send back
  • We will send you a conformation form for you to check and approve
  • We only need you to send back your sample size range
Email your account manager or call us on 1300 797 273
Here at Rarewear we love to make everything perfect for you, and most importantly make you happy!
  • We will send you an invoice for your whole order
  • We can hit the 'Go' button when we have your 50% deposit and all other forms are in
  • We will have your custom garments to you in 5-10 weeks. So in the meantime visit our promotional page to see how you can win Pimp My Schoolies or My 15 minutes of fame.
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